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To find out more information about Little Fish Entertainment and any of our coaching services, send us an email. 
Lessons are offered in person and via skype where possible.
Vocal Lessons + Career Coaching

Vocal training to develop the skills and career coaching to make an impact.

Our vocal students have gone on to use their training for special events, theatrical auditions, special performances, and are on their journey to becoming artists.

No matter where you want your vocal training to take you, we can help you get there.


Request more information about Vocal and Career Coaching.

Audition Services

Got a request for a taped audition? Need a reader but don't have one? Don't freak out.

We offer taped audition services. We can help you perfect the scene, and edit it so it's ready to send.

Your LA Connection

Not from LA but want to see if you have what it takes? We can help you avoid the pitfalls of going it alone. Let us guide you through the process with our immersive LA CONNECTION WEEK. 

This is a personalized program. For more information, send us an email by clicking the link below.


Request more information about the LA CONNECTION. 

Acting Coaching

Private + class environments equip actors with the skills necessary to audition with excellence and book jobs! We use a variety of techniques to help you find your authentic voice. Additionally, we use film to break scenes down, which allows you to further develop your skills.

We also offer taped audition services. Got an audition you need to put on tape? No problem? We can help you perfect the scene, and edit it so it's ready to send.

Our clients have worked in Film, Television, Commercials and Voice Over.

Here's just a small sample of the credits our Clients have:


A Tale of Two Coreys

Malcom in the Middle

The Goldbergs

Adam Ruins Everything

Worst Birthday Ever

Dear White People


High School (staring Adrien Brody)


We Were Liars








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