About Us...

Little Fish Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment and production company.  For inquiries, please contact us

Melody Herr


President, Little Fish Entertainment, LLC

Melody works between our LA and Milwaukee offices. A talented writer, director and producer, she also works with actors and writers who wish to hone their craft and take their careers to the next level.

A founding member of the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance, she runs a monthly screenwriter's group and helps to promote Milwaukee Women in Film.  Additionally, Melody is a member of the LA-based Multi-Cultural Production Association which strives to promote and advocate for women, minorities, and veterans in all aspects of the film and entertainment industries

The first in her family to attend college, Melody was raised by her single mom three blocks north of 8 Mile. The borderline between Detroit and the suburbs, you probably know it as the street made famous by Eminem’s biopic. Leaving Detroit behind to travel the world after college,   Herr spent quite a few years living in both Japan and England, traveled to over 25 countries, as well as several US States. She is married with children, three to be exact. Two have made it successfully to adulthood; the verdict is still out on the teenager. 

Ellysa Rose

Executive Director - LA Office

Ellysa runs our LA office. An actress and musician in her own right, she also coaches clients when time allows.

After watching CATS, the musical, at the tender age of three, Ellysa proclaimed that she was going to "do that" when she grew up.  Fulfilling the prophecy, she attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy High School, where she received a scholarship for acting, before making the move to LA. She is represented by Milton Perea and Nicole Jolley at AEFH and managed by David Kohl of The Kohl Group.

In addition to acting, Ellysa is a Singer-Songwriter and producer. Originally from Michigan, Ellysa grew up living and traveling around the world. While it was a great experience, getting to visit more countries than most adults do in a lifetime, making new friends only to leave a few years later was not always easy. Music was the only friend she could pack up and take with her. Her original songs are full of insightful lyrics and memorable melodies, and she's often compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Joni Mitchell, ColdPlay and Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine). Her debut single and music video, “Content With a Memory” and second single, Be Free, garnered critical acclaim and, combined, have over a million views.