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A narrative audio drama podcast created, “THE FARM" weaves a tale of family, betrayal, and survival against a backdrop of corporate greed and long-buried secrets.


Following her father’s sudden death, a big-city architect fights to save the family farm and her own life when outside forces try to take both from her.


Up for a promotion at her hi-profile New York City architectural firm, a design flaw in REILLY’S blueprints halts construction on a new building. Her plans to visit her dad at the family farm and commemorate the 25th anniversary of her mother and brother's deaths are derailed. Things get worse when she discovers her live-in girlfriend cheating on her. 

To cheer her up, her dad surprises her with a visit. Tagging along with her to the construction site, he spots an irregularity on the blueprints, leading them to wonder if someone replaced Reilly's design with an outdated one. When it appears that her coworker BRETT might make partner instead of Reilly, the cunning junior architect STELLA steps in to help Reilly get to the bottom of the blueprint mystery. But all this takes a backseat when tragic news breaks that her father’s been in a farming accident.


Reilly faces a cascade of crises. Her New York life in disarray, her world further unravels when her father dies following his accident. A clause in his will traps Reilly on the family farm for 30 days, ensuring his efforts to get her to return home don’t end with his death.

BIOFLORA, a mega-farming conglomerate, not only threatens the farm's survival but also poaches her father's right-hand man, FRANK, leaving just her and CAM, the drifter her father recently hired, to care for the farm.  As Reilly struggles to save the farm from financial ruin, bizarre, troubling things begin to happen. It seems that the big farm corporation is gaslighting her to get the farm. 
While sifting through the relics of her family’s lives, Reilly discovers the story of her mother and brother’s deaths isn’t what she thought it was, loses her promotion to a conniving junior architect, and learns that the drifter her father hired shortly before his death is actually her long-thought-dead baby brother. 
Seeking revenge and what he feels is rightfully his, Reilly must find a way to outwit her estranged brother to save herself and JOSH, the childhood friend Cam plans to frame for multiple murders – including Reilly’s…

SEASON 2: Accused of attempted murder, Reilly's resilience is tested. The unfolding revelations about her brother's past become a mirror for her own self-discovery, prompting her to reassess her priorities and confront uncomfortable truths.

SEASON 3: As her brother faces trial and the mystery of her mother's death unravels, Reilly takes a more proactive role against BioFlora, not just for the sake of the farm but also as a stand against corporate greed and environmental harm, demonstrating a newfound assertiveness and commitment to principles beyond her personal interests. 
Her personal growth is evident in her ability to navigate complex challenges with resilience and wisdom, transforming her from a driven architect to a formidable force fighting for justice and family legacy.

THROUGHOUT: Reilly undergoes a transformative journey from someone running from her past to someone willing to embrace it. Her initial resistance to being tethered to the family farm gradually transforms into a determination to protect it, reflecting an evolving connection to her roots.

PRODUCTION STATUS: A Semi-Finalist in Roadmap Writers’ inaugural Podcast Competition, development began in late 2023. With the scripts for the first season complete, we are currently in pre-production, with production slated to start at the beginning of April. 

ATTACHMENTS: Ellysa Rose (IMDb: 


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